Since the Working From Home, WFH revolution started, there is a growing interest in the world of ergonomics, well being in the workplace, and the different furniture, devices, and equipment that allow us to have a good performance our workspace.

Especially when these devices focus on our performance and focus. This is the case of Humanscale Monitor Arms.

What’s a monitor arms? Monitor Arms is a mechanical arms system that holds your monitor and manipulates its height and its angle, upside, downside, right, or left, fixing it firmly in your desk.

The monitor arms allow you to declutter your desk by lifting your monitor. Besides, it has docking and charging ports that will help you to keep everything near you and don’t lose focus.

How does a monitor arms work? 

The Humanscale Monitor Arms is a wonderful tool, that serves very well for the purpose of sustaining a proper point of view. It has a weight-compensator mechanism and Self-Lubricating Precision Bearings, allows you to easily cut the clutter, and adjust your monitor and workstations to the optimal position for your eye.

Trust in Humanscale Monitor Arms, and go to Manhattan Office Design, where you can get the best relation quality/price for the best support in your office with Humanscale furniture

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