The market of solutions for working standing keeps growing and growing, and innovations catch our eyes. Let’s take a look at the most outstanding devices, designed to elevate our performance while improve our well being, whether at the office or in our home office. 

Besides the traditional, and still irreplaceable Ergonomic chair, there are several innovations focused in the posture of the human body, and how to minimize the fatigue derived of prolonged sitting. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Monitor Arms is a mechanical arm, which can be clamped in your desk and holds one or two monitors at the same time. It will let you to manipulate your monitors in different angles: up, down, left, right, oblique. With Monitor Arms you lift your screen to work stand, or getting it close to your work partner. Humanscale has its high quality version, the Humanscale Monitor Arms

SOurce: Humanscale
Humanscale Quickstand

With the sit -stand devices, like the Humanscale Quickstand, you can hold and lift your monitor along with a medium pad work surface, with space enough to use your keyboard, mouse and taking some notes. 

The Stand Desk give you a large surface to work with, either stand or sit. Depending of the model, you can lift it gently with a digital control. While it keeps stand there is a lot of activities you can do without sitting (check your mail, google something),and that brings you focus.

SOurce: Business Insider
Thread Mill Desk

The Threat Mill Desk . It is exactly what its meant in its name. A work desk with a gym thread mill attached. you’ll be working while at the same time walk at a relaxed pace. Estimations are that one hour of slow walk in the thread mill may burn 210 calories, while you relax and change your posture.

Ergonomic Stand Desk Chairs

The ergonomic standing desk chairs. With an eccentric design, this innovation place our bodies in a posture where all human weight gets equally distributed along the human body. Would you like to work in these?

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