More and more people are interested in new ways of taking care of their well being and performance while they’re working from home (WFH). But to be efficient, productive and to feeling good while you do it, you need a comfortable and ergonomic work place. Humanscale furniture may set our way to achieve comfort and focus. 

If you look around on the web, you can be somehow confused about the enormous amount of products and offers that promise you a good performance with this or that shiny, high tech device. Indeed, besides your ergonomic chair and desk, there are three popular, hot, devices right now, with high demand: the monitor Arms; the Stand Desk; and the Sit-Stand Devices. Humanscale can show us some very good solutions, let’s take a look. 

The Monitor Arms, the Stan Desk and the Sit Stand Devices (called Quickstand by Humanscale), are very related products that invite us to have a better workday. Monitor Arms is a mechanical arm, which can be clamped in your desk and holds one or two monitors at the same time. It will let you to manipulate your monitors in different angles: up, down, left, right, oblique.

With Monitor Arms you lift your screen to work stand, or getting it close to your work partner.

With a Stand Desk  you can lift your entire desk surface up, thanks to its mechanical rail system.

And On the other hand, with a sit-stand device, like the Humanscale Quickstand, you can hold and lift your monitor along with a medium pad work surface, with space enough to use your keyboard, mouse and taking some notes. 

Trust in Humanscale Monitor Arms, and go to Manhattan Office Design, where you can get the best relation quality/price for the best support in your office with Humanscale furniture

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