HON Abound Workstation

A well designed workstation is responsible for making sure every employee is working on a compelling space that increases productivity and provides creativity flow and comfort.

So, having in mind that the workstation is where skills, talent and experience flow together to deliver results on your company, you should pay attention to the benefits that a modular cubicle workstation can bring for a more comfortable and efficient workspace environment.

This is what makes the best modular cubicle workstation

A high performance modular cubicle workstation is not only durable, but it has a well thought design that emphasizes on wellness, comfort and productivity, while It has to be flexible to adapt to style and material changes in time.

These modern workstations, usually are compound of a minimal kit of parts with easy install everywhere needed. They also are nicely configured to provide the best storage, by coming along with overhead cabinets and other easy to install components, which allow every user to place them around their specific needs. Other organizational tools that these modular cubicle workstations have include CD holders and holder bins.

But, maybe the best thing about these modern workstations is their power and data outlets, which can be installed at the panel base or at the desktop and can be reconfigured to expand cabling capacity.

A Neat, Beautiful and Functional Modular Cubicle Workstation for You

Hon cubicles in NYC offer you all the efficient features that we mentioned and more. Abound workstations configure the perfect workplace for open environments, teams and reception areas, by mixing tiles, finishes and materials to create a minimalist and aesthetic space for work.

Now You’re Nearer of the Perfect  Modular Cubicle Workstation

Hon cubicles in NYC offer workspaces for creativity, as a part of the Manhattan Office Design. Want to know how you can get a functional modular cubicle workstation? Send an email to info@manhattanofficedesign.com, for more information.

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