Humanscale Quickstand Under Desks

Continuing the biggest current trends for workstations and desks, Humanscale has produced a variety of desks that defy employees’ expectations of what a workstation can be. Today we’re looking at the Quickstand Under Desk, which has become a very popular choice for modern workplaces looking to launch themselves headfirst into the next decade.

The interesting thing about Humanscale’s Quickstand Under Desk is that it isn’t a workstation per se, but rather a mechanism to upgrade an existing workstation. This approach to office interior design is what makes Humanscale a leading brand.

By creating accompanying mechanisms for regular desks, they ensure that their clients are constantly saving money in installation costs, and precious time.

Features, specifications, and price

Humanscale calls the QUD a ‘workspace wellness solution,’ a clear nod to the latest studies that have shown the health benefits of adjustable desks.

The QUD is a central column with built-in cable management that allows its user to sit and stand comfortable between working sessions. When correctly implemented, a QUD device will also free up a lot of space on a regular workstation.

The main assembly can hold both single and dual monitors up to 35lbs and is designed to accommodate both short, medium height, and taller users comfortably.

One of its most appealing features is the trademarked OfficeIQ system that clients can purchase as an addendum, a smart solution for sit-stand working sessions, alerting users about the time they spend in either position. Though prices vary for the different models of the QUD, as well as the extra features that interested clients choose to implement, we can set an average price at around $700.

Manhattan Office Design offers the best interior office design consultancy in Manhattan for clients interested in Humanscale and other brands. The Humanscale Quickstand Under Desk mechanism can be customized with a variety of options from software to hardware, enabling all types of workers to not only enjoy the health benefits of a more active lifestyle at work but also to turn their workday into a more dynamic and productive experience.

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