The Humanscale Office Chair is claimed to be an icon on design. Created by the designer Niels Diffrient, this is one of the ergonomic chairs in NYC that proves to be functional, comfortable and beautiful.

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There Are Tons of Benefits of Ergonomic Seating at Work

We all have known how painful can be a day after work while seated all day long in an uncomfortable, rigid chair. The ergonomic seating, once considered a luxury, has proven to be a necessity, which ensures a better performance and health at work.

According to a study, at least the 74% of office workers suffer pain while at their desks, one or more times a week.

The benefits of having ergonomics at work are tremendous for your health, giving you the  correct support that your spine and other bones need and the right comfort for your body shape, while also keeping tissue and joints in a natural neutral position.

Some of the findings of a study carried by the Washington State Department of Labour and Industries on 4.000 people that switched to ergonomics, stated that the time on tasks reduced on 40% and absenteeism also lowered to an incredible 75%. Other interesting results showed that businesses costs on employees MSD´s (or musculoskeletal disorders) got lower.

An ergonomic chair has to present some basic features like adjustable armrests and seat height, and lumbar support.

The Humanscale Office Chair is One of the Best Ergonomic Chairs in NYC

This is one of the ergonomic chairs in NYC that was created to integrate into modern workspaces in a beautiful way. Its designer, Niels Diffrient, combines all his experience and knowledge in architecture, engineering and design, to come up with a reinvented version of the ergonomic chairs in NYC.

The Humanscale Office Chair has won more than 10 design awards, offering the right balance between support and comfort for everyone. Its mechanical system allows you to sit fully supported while you move effortlessly, giving you a healthier sitting experience.

This is one of the ergonomic chairs in NYC that revolutionizes how people sit at work. The secret is its exclusive weight-sensitive mechanic system, which ensures the best recline support. The Humanscale Office Chair is also soft with its sculpted foam backrest, providing an anatomic support for the back that fits right for everyone. 

Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest.

The Humanscale Office Chair Has the Best Features and Design

This is one of the ergonomic chairs in NYC that has well thought features. It has modular design, so that you can customize your chair adapting it to the aesthetic you want to accomplish. Also, its particular and beautiful design makes it very distinctive from other ergonomics.

Another feature is its self-locking recline mechanism, that adjusts the tension of the recline position, throughout each sitters body weight. This is one of the ergonomic chairs in NYC that supports backrest moves automatically throughout the day, ensuring fully lumbar support. Also, each armrest allows synchronized and effortless adjustment only with each hand, while attaches to the backrest to move with the seated person.

All the cushions on the Humanscale Office Chair are perfectly sculpted to contour your body´s shape. This reduces pressure and tension points, ensuring the best distribution of the body’s weight while giving you full comfort.

All this features makes it one of the ergonomic chairs in NYC that provides effortless recline, encouraging a healthier way to seat at work, with intuitive adjustment and a long lasting comfort for all day, surpassing the sit comfort standard for ergonomic chairs on the market of only four minutes long, reaching up to four complete hours of sit comfort.  

Customizable and With Additional Accessories to Experience the Ergonomic Lifestyle at Work to the Fullest

The Humanscale Office Chair comes in a wide range of high-performance and beautiful textiles for you to choose, giving you the opportunity to customize your own chair along with your particular taste. The fabrics include stretch ones, non-stretch, box-stitched leathers and antimicrobial textiles, in a wide range of colors for everyone from Blue, Red, Violet, Grey, Black, Brown, Green and Beige.

This is one of the ergonomic chairs in NYC that comes with specially designed accessories to provide all the functions listed above, such as the synchronous arms, hard casters, standard cushions and the standard cylinder, in its standard version. But, if you are looking for extra comfort, our Freedom model with headrest could be the right choice. This version of the Humanscale Office Chair comes with all the accessories mentioned, plus the exclusive dynamic headrest.

Like all of our products, the Freedom Humanscale Office Chair is one of the most sustainable ergonomic chairs in NYC, created with a special focus on lower its impact to the environment during all the manufacturing process. All the materials chosen for its development were thoughtfully chosen to obtain a lightweight chair. Besides, its modular design makes it possible to recycle its parts instead of just dismiss it entirely with time.

This is one of the ergonomic chairs in NYC that attains the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certification.

Want to get to know how the Humanscale Office Chair functions? Watch it in full action, on our YouTube Channel.

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