Healthcare Advancements that are Redefining Office Design

Healthcare industry is giving the eye at office design with a larger emphasis on detection and prevention of illness rather than treatment, as part of the improvements of the office design for wellness concept.

A new wave of health promoting technology will signify an easier transition to the future workspaces, with higher level of wellness integration.

Healthcare Advancements that are Redefining Office Design. 2

Physically Supportive Spaces and Wearables Come Together on the Office Design for Wellness

Physical activity is more than just an office design trend, is a new paradigm that focuses on the employees’ health. Walkways for “walk and talk” meetings, with additional meeting spaces outside, will be a lot more popular in the future.

Regarding the wearables, these medical sensors will tell when it´s time to take a break to rest and increase productivity, thanks to the analysis of heart rate, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Other technology will be also incorporated to manage stress by activating automatic circadian lighting, which mimics the sunlight natural transition throughout the day to stabilize rest and wake cycles of the workers and improve productivity.

Office Design for Wellness Integrates Mental Health Support  

Individual focus and mental restoration are two main objectives of the office design for wellness concept, by covering much needed extra spaces for workers to go to recover after dealing with high stressors such as heavy workloads, long meetings and intense interactions. Quite zones with decoration and furniture that encourages relaxation and rest, will be seen a lot more.

Other innovations that companies will have to get used as part of the office design for wellness are walkable outdoor gardens, sit-stand workspaces, desk-cycle chairs and visually inviting stairways, among others.

In the big city, for example, some of these improvements to mitigate stress, absenteeism and disengagement at work are currently being integrated into the office design in New York. Want to update your office design in New York? Send an email to, and we will help you out.

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