Its a trend that is definitely on right now. Working stand has been adopted by lots of workers, inside – office and outside-office, and Humanscale Furniture its sure helping to shape the office world of today. 

Though, there are some misconceptions about working stand that are good to clarify.

Does Working Stand help you to loss weight?

No. According to one research published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, the use of a standing desk o sit/standing solution, on a daily basis for three hours, may lead to a loss of 88 calories per hour. That is a modest amount of calories (aprox. the number that has a carrot).

Nevertheless, the working stand has countless benefits if its used properly, such as:

  • Reduces the risk of back, shoulder, and feet pain.
  • People that work stand on a daily basis can reduce their sugar blood levels faster than others than just work sit. 
  • Together with other activities, such as running, working stand contributes to reducing weight.

Trust in Humanscale furniture to get the solution of standing work that bests suits you, and go to Manhattan Office Design, where you can get the best relation quality/price for the the best support in your office. 

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