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The executive office chairs in NYC offer a wide range of options to choose from. One the most comfortable and minimalistic among all is the Liberty task chair, designed by Niels Diffrient and manufactured by Humanscale Office Furniture. Now, mesh chairs are something else with the new Liberty, with its unique features.

Want to know all the details about one of the executive office chairs in NYC that’s unlike any other mesh chair out there? Keep reading! You can contact us at 212.706.8509 for more information about how you can have this chair by Humanscale Office Furniture at the best price.

Liberty Humanscale Chair.

Mesh Office Chairs Offer Nice Features of Support and Comfort

Have you imagined the benefits that mesh can offer you in an office chair? First of all, this office chairs come in a wide variety of materials, since there are tons of mesh types.

One the main characteristics that mesh gives to an office chair is the ergonomics. This material is docile enough to adapt to spine’s natural curvature, giving support to the lumbar zone and to the lower back. This ensures a decrease of back pain, by lowering the pressure on the spine, while supporting the posture in the right way. 

Mesh offers ventilation, which is an absent feature on the vast majority of office chairs. This is a key characteristic, since the average worker spends long periods of time seated a day. In fact, mesh avoids the high temperatures and stickiness that regular chairs suffer from trapping sweating and the body’s natural temperature.

This fabric is also very durable. It could take years for mesh to get damaged. Durability is also assured for several years of use with metal and other rigid materials that are normally employed in the manufacturing of mesh office chairs.

Not to mention the great appearance that mesh can provide to an office chair, transforming it from ordinary to an extraordinary minimalist task chair, giving an elegant look to any workspace.

Executive Office Chairs in NYC Present the Liberty Task Chair by Humanscale Office Furniture

Executive office chairs in NYC have added to its immense catalog of functional options, the new Liberty task chair. This innovative chair is designed to change all the paradigms of what a mesh office chairs should be. The exclusive Form-Sensing Mesh Technology provides a full body-fitting contour and perfect recline, giving the best lumbar support.

The Liberty by Humanscale Office Furniture is also autonomous, so all its features are assured without the need of externals controls or accessories to make it function. This is more than just a simple chair, we are talking about an intelligent office chair that is designed and engineered with the combination of three panels of low-stretch mesh, simulating the way an experienced tailor confections a beautiful shirt.

This is one of the Executive Office Chairs in NYC that is Way More Than Just a Mesh Chair

The Liberty chair has some of the best features that you would find in any other of the executive office chairs in NYC.

Starting with a pivoting backrest that gives an efficient motion to the backrest while reclined, providing automatic support to the spine whatever the position is. Also, the recline is self-adjusting, without tension strings and with an intelligent counter-balance mechanism. While recline, the angle between torso and legs adjusts automatically for a better body function.

A nice contour for perfect fit is assured on the seat as well, which is perfectly sculpted to match the body anatomy, while reducing pressure points. The seat is modular, so you can easily replace it for a new one when you need to. The fit of the Liberty by Humanscale Office Furniture was very well thought, adjusting to more than 95% of the population. It has lumbar form-sensing support and seat height and depth manually adjustments.

The armrest options were thought having in mind the posture, not the chair. So, they are connected to the backrest instead of being attached to the seat, so that they can stay with the positions of the seated person.

Style and comfort with the Liberty Humanscale Chair.

The Liberty Task Chair is one of the Executive Office Chairs in NYC with Unique and Minimal Aesthetic

The Liberty by Humanscale Office Furniture has a minimalistic style that really combines with any modern workspace, making it even more aesthetic, providing simplicity and beauty. The main characteristic material, the mesh, is carefully selected having in mind only superior quality fabrics that are low-abrasive to protect any type of clothes. The back mesh comes in a varied offer of types for you to choose, like Pinstripe, Monofilament Stripe, Silver Check, Dash and Catena.

Liberty is one of the executive office chairs in NYC that are full customizable. You´ll have the chance to not only select the type and colors of fabrics of the back and the seat, but also you can choose the cylinder height, the type of casters and even the type of the seat.

All the translucid mesh used in the Liberty by Humanscale Office Furniture is exclusively designed by Elizabeth Whelan, who combined the best materials to come up with a mesh that gives elasticity, strength and resilience, surpassing the standard requirements of mesh for ergonomic office chairs in a big way.

Liberty is one of the executive office chairs in NYC that offers a warranty that goes from 3 to 5 years.

The Best and Most Comfortable Office Chair Can be Yours

Based in New York since 2005, at Manhattan Office Design we design and create the best executive office chairs in NYC. You can contact us by sending an email to Ask us how you can buy the Liberty by Humanscale Office Furniture at a fraction of its price and one of our advisors will gently get in touch with you within 2-3 business days.

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