CPU Holder for Desk of Humanscale

A CPU holder for desk may not be the first priority when ergonomics comes to mind. In fact, this accessory is often forgotten when people buy a sit/stand workspace, along with an ergonomic task chair and a keyboard tray.

However, a nice CPU holder for desk has an important function and offers considerable benefits regarding the organization of workspace.

Here are the top reasons why you should have a CPU holder for desk installed in your already ergonomic workspace.

The 5 Reasons to Install a CPU Holder for Desk Right Away

Without further ado, here are the benefits of having a CPU holder desk.

– Maximizes your space: a lot of CPUs out there still being the biggest ones you could imagine. So, having a big or even smaller CPU up on your desk is not something quite organized. Not to mention the amount of space that usually these CPUs occupy. So, having a CPU holder for desk keeps it at bay without sacrificing that much needed extra space.

– Allows you to move without worries: the first worry that many people come about when buying a sit/stand workspace is if their monitors, keyboards and CPU units will move along with the desk when they are being lifted. In this case, having a CPU holder is very beneficial, because it allows your CPU to move with your desk, without getting unplugged.

– Swivels your CPU around: with just a simple horizontal glide movement, you can swivel your CPU even up to 360 degrees to have its back in front of you and install, check or uninstall every device you need to, without having to get on your knees on the floor with a flashlight.

– Your CPU will be closer to you: the system and design of a CPU holder for desk is precisely thought to keep it closer to you. You could even wrap your CPU on your arms without having to remove it from the holder. In fact, you can stay seated and still reach it anyway.

– Gives protection to your CPU: a CPU placed on the floor is more likely to collect dust that in the end obstructs its ventilation, leading to mayor technical failures. So, the CPU holder protects it not only from dust, but also from spills and bumps keeping it way from the immediate area of the floor.

CPU Holder for Desk of Humanscale.

These are the Features of the CPU Holder for Desk of Humanscale

CPU holders for desk are just one of the additional complements that improve an ergonomic workspace. In the case of Humanscale CPU holders, these are the different options available:

– CPU200: specially designed to accommodate smaller CPU units with style, and made of aluminum, this is one of the Humanscale CPU holders that supports units weighting up to 50 lbs and rotates at 360° to have full access to ports and cables. It has nylon glides that allow a smoothly sliding. It’s built to hold CPUs from 1 to 5 inches in width and 6 to 12 inches in height. This is an under desk mount holder with easy access to cables and ports, that also protects CPU from dust and dirt by lifting it up off the ground. This robust holder is built out of 48% recycled materials and holds CPU up to 15 pounds of weight. It comes with an adjustable mounting plate that ensures the correct balance and support of the unit.


– CPU600: the original CPU holder model of Humanscale let the user store hardware under the desk to protect it from the dangers of having it placed on the floor. This tool free installation holder is designed to offer full access to ports and cables, and to provide the user with the technology that allows its maintenance and easy use. The CPU600 fits computers that are 3.5″ to 9″ wide and 12″ to 20″ tall. This under desk mounting with a 360° rotation is built out of resistant materials such as aluminum and steel, accommodating a CPU weighing up to 50 pounds. This is one of the Humanscale CPU holders that comes with a mounting plate that holds the CPU centered and balanced.


– CPU Dolly: this one was specially designed for workers on the go, so, out of all Humanscale CPU holders, this is the most portable one. The CPU Dolly allows the user to transport the unit wherever needed with so much ease. Another interesting feature of Dolly is its flexibility, adjusting automatically with any CPU size. It accommodates to any CPU up to 9” wide, while the base handle supports units of any depth. With its pull handle characteristic the user can move the CPU from one location to another. This is one of the Humanscale CPU holders that is made from cold-rolled powder-coated steel and comes with two double wheel casters, to offer easy access to cables and ports.  

CPU Dolly.

Find the Right CPU Holder for Your Needs

All Humanscale CPU holders offer a safe hardware storage solution for everybody. Do you need a wheeled solution? Are you interested more in a sliding track? Save space from your desk and get the access to drivers, ports and cables in an easier way while you protect your hardware from dust and dirt with any of our CPU holders.

The Best Complements for Your Ergonomic Office are Available at Humanscale

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