Collaboration Inspired Office Design

Office design services in NYC are improving as a reaction to the behavioral changes in the way employees work in the digital era. To adapt to this, the top interior designers are channeling the best ideas to provide those desired improvements that people want at work.

These are the top 5 office design trends that will rule the working world for some time.

Nature inspired office design

1. Nature inspired office design  

Companies are more aware of the positive effects of nature in their employees. One of the top office design trends right now integrates “biophilic design”, a concept aimed to bring some of the outdoor elements inside the office. From water fountains to office plants, and natural materials such as stone and wood, these are the elements used in a natural office.

2. Technology Inspired Office Design  

This is one of the office design trends where technology goes beyond what you might expect, thanks to the “beacon technology” concept. Wireless systems for video and presentations, touch tables, power sockets and charging slots, are part of the status quo of this style, making the office efficiently intelligent.

3. Collaboration Inspired Office Design 

This style is set to provide a space where teams across departments can collaborate together effectively. So, this is one of the office design trends where the meeting spaces have the leading role. Hot desking, think spaces, communal tables and brainstorm islands, are part of the implementations needed to provide flexible working.

Collaboration Inspired Office Design

4. Company DNA Inspired Office Design 

With this style, office designers get asked to reflect the personality of the companies in the interior design, incorporating their DNA with creative and authentic elements all over the place.

5. Scientific Evidence Inspired Office Design 

All the research done about companies’ environment is playing a big role into this office design trend. So, all findings related to the well-being and productivity of employees’ enhancement will reflect on the workstations designed for each case.

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