Modular Lounge Seating

When it comes to office furniture there is a new trend that came to improve the “wellness for work” concept, and that trend is the flexible office, which overtook some major design fairs in office furniture in New York. This new trend combines elements to create “private spaces”. In this blog, we will tell you what make up the perfect flexible office.

Modular Lounge Seating  

Modular furniture can be arranged in endless configurations, due to the fact that its assembly goes by unit. For this case, office furniture in New York offers the right elements to design a lounge area that is more than just a waiting room for clients to become an integral part of the office itself.

Phone Booths Are Back  

No one ever could have imagined that we would be talking about phone booths as the next “must have” in an office. But, the truth is that the phone booth appears to be the next big trend in office furniture in New York that came to stay for a long time.

On the offices of today, phone booths provide a soundproof and consolidated space for private and important calls with clients. These booths have to incorporate USB outlets, technology ports, video conferencing equipment, and, in some cases, even more space to fit up to 4 people.  

Phone booths are back, into the office.
Phone booths are back, into the office.

Nesting Chairs Still Being a Trend  

Flexible office is nothing without flexible features that can be carried away to any place, like nesting chairs. These chairs are available in office furniture in New York on bold colors, with ergonomic characteristics and sleek contours, making them the right fit for embellished and functional pieces of office furniture for small spaces.

Is your office big enough to carry on the flexible concept? Whatever you space is, we offer you the best office furniture for small spaces in the big city. Want to buy the right office furniture for small spaces? Send an email to, and we will help you out.

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